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Fanged Fusillade



Sooo because of work I just didnt manage to get some spare free time for the gate crash event ( I am a barber ) and I had to overwork almost everyday so when I finally did get a day off, it was the same day that the event ended.. so eventually I just traded with a guy ( can't remember his name) for the 4 mods.. and I got all 4 mods off him for 50plat. and I checked that I had all 4 and even equipped them, and now I went to use my dread as a change, I noticed that I didnt have Fanged Fusillade equipped anymore, so I though maybe I accidentaly un-equiped it, but after searching for literally 10 minute. I just couldt find the mod. So now I accepted that my mod has just disappeared for no reason and I even payed plat for it. Problem is I don't know when it dissapeared cause I just found out right now.. What can I do?? I really want that mod back!!! I even payed plat for it..

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