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Lotus In Game Character Model?


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Edit: Nevermind.... Halloween Lotus... I need to get the taste of my foot out of my mouth now.


Original post below:

I just saw DERebecca's forum avatar had changed to a CG Lotus....  If I didn't know better, that looks like an in game character model.  Thoughts?


And why does she have a bloody lip???




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Even though it's supposed to be for Halloween that didn't stop me from thinking the model itself looked rather bad and me wishing Rebecca never changed. Very chunky and plastic-like. The actual artwork is always better.

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Dose she get different lines for Halloween?

I am more confused by how she is almost full body armor, except boobage part.

It's a little known fact that women actually breathe by absorbing oxygen directly into the blood stream though a special patch of skin in the cleavage area.


More seriously I don't think that's intended as armour, she doesn't fight, 

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