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Each Tileset/planet Should Have Easy/normal/hard Missions.


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Firstly; Nightmare mode is BS. Random mutators aren't a fantastic gameplay mechanic for warframe as their level of effect is so varied (Low grav is easy. No shields mode doesn't matter at all for valkyr whilst dooming volt/mag.)


So with that out the way. Let me explain. 



There are some really cool tilesets that are too easy. Be it they're too low level or that they're filled with new players that sometimes aren't the best to play with in certain gamemodes (excavation for example) Earth for example. On the otherhand there are cool tilesets that new players can't handle (ceres) 



Granted; the player won't feel like they're progressing if there's loads of infested corpus ship tilesets from the beginning. But on the other hand you want players to experience a good amount of tilesets to keep them in the game. Vor's prize was good but it was a one-off thing. 


So. Introduction out the way. A quick and efficient list of proposed ideas: 



- Medium missions are invisible till the player completes vors prize/reaches rank 1 (whichever comes first) Hard missions unlock at rank 4. 

-Easy/medium/hard missions are either available on a different "disk" around the planet or look visibly different. 

- Easy missions have tons of information help from lotus, particularly complex ones like excavation. 

- High level planets probably don't need easy. 

- edit: could be a good way to distribute void keys (1 on easy, 2 on medium, 3/4 on hard) 


- Every planet/system can have corpus/grineer ships, as well as the asteroid tileset for underground bases. 

- Earth has many different tilesets.  Jungle. Arid. Corpus snow.  Shipyards. 

- Most planets will have multiple factions on them. During invasions some invaded missions will remain the same tileset whilst others will change to that factions (occupation/replacement) for example Mars could have the grineer arid tileset (currently phobos) and corpus snowbase tileset (possibly reskined as sand) Corpus ships could turn into infested corpus ships. To show what faction a mission is each pannel will be coloured appropriately (Invasions change to have both colours of the waring factions shown.) 


Rather than just Up the levels of characters- use different characters.

Easy missions for grineer use more light soldiers. Light melee. Light infantry (rather than lancers you have butchers with guns) medium units like Lancers themselves are uncommon and tough. 

Medium missions use medium and light infantry. (lancers are common. Light infantry still exist) 

Hard only keeps the light infantry with powerful weaponry. Otherwise medium infantry (and elite infantry) make up the bulk of enemies. 


Corpus and infested do something similar (they need more units) But were they I'd say that  Jackals and hyena become rather common (The bosses being new/upgraded versions and the common jackal/hyena being old/cheap models) Whilst the infested just get bigger guys or become more numerous.Assassins (stalker,g3,harvester, syndicates) don't come on easy and are more likely to come on hard

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i would love to see this game get harder....but harder in terms of difficulty


there are some missions that are "harder" but all it means is that the mobs just kill you in one hit x_X i dont exactly see that has a change in game difficulty....its just annoying to me

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Do want. This would be a nice addition, allowing us to chose a tile set and tier the mission (like the void).


Though there's still the possibility of further segregating the community this way. A large number of players either play the void, depriving the starchart, or hang out on low level planets because it's easy to find players there save for the few popular nodes on higher levels(baal, xini, etc.), also depriving the starchart except only for the higher level planets. Adding tiers to each planet could further segregate the population and that might not be a good thing.


But I still want something like this in-game so I can fight level 20-30 enemies in the Corpus gas city(Jupiter) rather than level 7-11 enemies.

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