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Warframe And Curve Approximations (With Loki's Famous 'grin') (Part 8.1)


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Following on from this thread, I promised this: 


But anyways, the piecewise function does fit the 'grin', although I suspect (with good reason) that a quartic function will work almost, if not just, as well.


Next time, I will do just that (once I get a new calculator and I feel better).

While I did not get a new calculator, I did feel better, and thus started to do that. 


So, using the old file and the old data points, I obtained this image: 




And (being a lazy person who did not write the steps down on a piece of paper), I used a GDC to calculate the Monomial basis of these five points (then again, who would want to manually start to do five simultaneous equations that have very small values and such?). And thus, this allowed me to obtain this curve: 




Slightly less accurate than the previous curve approximation between points E and F, but overall, this function is pretty accurate. 


And so, this is just a small Warframe x Math x Art thread to get myself back into, as well as share to everyone in the Warframe community. Next round, Letter13's request. 

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