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Dragon Nikana Damage Build



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Anyone have a good suggestion for a slash and base damage build on the dragon Nikana? I'm having trouble one shooting ancients. I currently have it potatoed, lvl 30, and maxed blind Justice. right now slash is upwards of 530 and the wall and slide attacks are in the 1000s.

Pressure point, spoiled strike, fury, slash mod, poison and electric mods pref both with status bouns. Last 2 slots spend as you wish either for survivability or boosting damage off corrosive combo

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pressure point, jagged edge, buzz kill, focus energy, virulent scourge, fever strike, spoiled strike, fury


~1300 damage per hit, wall, leap and spin attacks over 2500.


also provides high(ish) status w/ corrosive and a reduced channeling cost.

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pressure point, fury, buzz kill, jagged edge, rending strike, true steel, berserk, molten impact 

this build is so crazy.....the speed and dmg is insane, plus fire is good for overall infested, you can swap rending strike for corrosive dmg if you really want ancient damage 

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