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Thank You Devs & Founders


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  Dear Warframe Community,


           I would like to start by saying, I haven't always been a big fan of the developers of Warframe and the Founders that I barely think about, but I can tell you this, the DEVs are very hard workers, and the founders supported them from the beginning, and I am disappointed in retrospect at how bit**y I was over the low quality and limited story. But, before I go making this thing an essay, I just want all of the Warframe Community to just say, Thank You. Just post your stories and Thank You's here, oh and guys, bring all you friends and clanmembers or whoever plays Warframe in general, to say, Thanks. :)

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The couch devs are what initially got me to throw down the green. My first livestream was back when Steve had the pink shorts on for the first time. It wasn't even the fact that he did something crazy like that (When you start a business or make a new product, you go all out) it was the sincerity and honesty that each couch-dev had that got me to drink the Canadian-Koolaid they were selling.

I haven't regretted it since.

Oh, and Poutine has migrated to Southern California... So I feel like I owe Canada one.

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