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Mirage Quest Bugged


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Hi, this is my first time posting a topic so be gentle. 


Anyways lately I've had the mirage quest up telling me to craft her chassis, but i already made mirage the week she came out. I got rid of her recently but i want her back ( my mistake really). But the quest is always saying that i need to craft her chassis, but i don't have her chassis so I'm in a bit of a pickle her. Please someone help!

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Hmmm, might still be mixed up, the quest line should to go, cipher then helm, then systems then chassis. But the messages seem play out in the order of helm, chassis, systems.


Maybe try checking whether you have the Mirage systems in your inventory, and if you do try building them. That might advance the quest.


If that doesn't help, then send in a support ticket.

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