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The Adventurous - Tenno Ghost Clan Recruitment


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Hello member. Welcome to our clan.






Currently, the dojo is being built, but we have made plans (drawn out to be exact) and are striving to achieve them.


We need resources for the dojo. The dojo is going to be a massive play house. Everything you could imagine in warframe :D.


The introductory video:



The current ranking system/users already ranked:


Coach - Childsplayer


Coaching Assistant - Bendaar


Second Assistant - n/a


Group Leader - n/a


Tech Manager - n/a


Soldier - 7jeep7/cfcsilencer


Citizen - n/a


Initiate - Yoshicents/Paladin046/Chipperiowa42/Jubei747/PianoGaming


The ONLY rules for your application!


Please answer these questions in order.




What is your warframe user name?:


What is your rank?:


State how long you have been playing: e.x - 24 days.


How much do you play per week?:


What warframe are you currently using?: e.x - Mag


What do you plan to do for the dojo/on the battlefield?: e.x - i plan to be a big supporter with the dojo construction, and i plan to be aggressive on the battlefield


What we expect from our members


We dont want couch potatoes, consumers, or air heads. Basically, dont use the clan as your personnel sandbox, and dont use the clan as your own money pool. SHARE. And the last thing is, if you want to be in the clan for as long as you like, dont be a nuisance, strong cusser, or a timed bomb!


Thank you for your applications!!

I hope to respond to you within 24 hours, so check back soon!!

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