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Alliance Chat Needs Moderation Capabilities


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As alliances get bigger in size, the number of harassment cases and immature language being used by bad apple individuals grows with very little done that alliance leaders or other warlords can do. In order to police ourselves we need the power to mute people in alliance chat, and to allow us to do it for all members, instead of individual ignores.. Add this as a permission, similar to recruitment, treasurer, and tactician, where we can give warlords "Moderation" power.


Similar to region chat, alliance chats will eventually have cases of people harassing kids, talk about sex toys, and other rude comments towards other people; although we deal with each and every case, its hard to react fast enough by getting a hold of their warlord inorder to kick them; meaning hours can go by with someone harassing another individual and everyone in alliance chat...

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Its not just the purely offensive stuff that needs a way to be stopped, but there are other situations in alliances where 2 people have disputes... And sometimes Leaders of Alliances try to moderate and mediate situations, but at the same time other people can add to and instigate the situation to where it can snowball out of control. Having the ability to silence people both temporarily for minutes, hours, or permanently should be options to have flexibility for situations.


Also some other functions that would be very handy would be a specific Alliance Warlord chat, differentiated color messages for moderators, and some sort of statistics/profile board that is accessible to everyone so you can see a clans specific warlords or officers, amounts contributed, time spent on solar rails, ect.... In a strategy based game where statistics can be a weapon, we have very few in our arsenal. 

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