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Game Crashes After Using Some Abilities


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Whenever i use abilities and need to keep them on constantly (such as hall of mirrors or invisibility or iron skin) my game minimizes and still plays game sounds. I try to click on the warframe icon on my toolbar and my cursor just disappears and i am unable to get back into game.


At first switching Waframe to 32 bit mode helped but after a while it kept crashing again.


So i submitted a ticket to DE and the Developer that i talked to recommended that I update my intel graphics driversusing this link 

and turn off 64 bit mode and directx 10 and 11 on the warframe startup.


I did this and For the first couple of hours it seemed to be working fine. then my game crashes while i am using a mirage with hall of mirrors the same way that it did before.


I submitted another ticket to DE, however im wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar problem and how they fixed it.

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