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Dear Tenno,


Something big is coming, and you have no clue. If only you knew, if only you could understand the horror that the future brings. If only you knew, it might change your life. They are coming, by the thousands. When you least expect it, they will appear out of the darkness and kill you whilst you sleep, and not a single sound will be heard. They bring nothing but death, destruction, and sadness into this world and I will do what ever it takes to stop them. All this fighting over false ideologies lead by these false prophets does nothing but add fuel to the fire. The havoc these things wreck throughout this solar system makes me sick. It must stop. The killing must stop. The delusions must come to an end. Follow your mother, and bathe is the ocean of knowledge I have spent an eternity harvesting and protecting. For if you fail to do so, you will be cleansed from this system along with all the others. Join me, or Run Boy Run! 



Cephalon Suda,

Mother of Knowledge & Power

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