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I Notice 3 Warframes Arent Part Of The Syndicate.. Q_Q



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All Warframes are placed in different Syndicates, but that doesn't limit them to just one.


New Loka also has the Nyx mod, and they won't drop your Red Veil rep, so you can get gain rep with them easier afterwards. It will however drop your rep with Steel Meridian, who are allies of the Red Veil, so you will need to do a couple extra sacrifices along the way.



This shows that Nyx is not limited to the Arbiters, and yet was not listed on the New Loka list of Warframes in the official announcement of DE_Adam's, at this link.




Each Syndicate in DE_Adam's announcement says "Two of [syndicate name here]'s favored Warframes are [Warframe 1] and [Warframe 2]." Notice the "Two of...", in which indicates there are more than two, as shown by Pablo's comment that I quoted above and how Nyx is not listed in New Loka, but is there regardless. This means that not only are many unlisted, but some are even shared between syndicates.


Hope this helps you understand the system before it drops, if it weren't for many dev posts, I wouldn't even have tried to provide an answer.


EDIT: deleted some odd spacing at the top.

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