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{Warframe Concept} Drift - Caster/support Frame


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Lore: Discovered on the outskirts of the Origin system, this frame appears to be a master of survival with suppression and damage mitigation abilities and to never be alone even in the midst of battle - with beasts from the Orokin era by its side.


health: 150 @ 30

power: 300@ 30

armour: 15

shield: 350 @ 30

sprint: 1.0

aura: -

polarities: -, V


/1: Arcanite Surge

send out 3/5/7 bolts of energy dealing 10/20/30 per bolt (1/2 puncture/corrosion) with a .5/1/1.5 AOE - scales with efficiency/strength

cost: 10

/2: Energized Core

Send out an orb to allies in 10/15/20 metres granting .5/1/1.5 hp regen and .1/.3/.5 energy regen. Energized Core lasts 5/7.5/10 seconds - does not effect Drift - scales with efficiency/ strength

cost: 40

/3: Void's Protection

Energize your shield and your energy regeneration by amplifying your shields by 50/75/100% and granting 3/4/5 energy per second - this ability has 300/500/600 units - 10 taken away per tick of energy granted

- effected by strength and efficiency

cost: 30

Hunter's Call

Summon 1/2/3 heavily armoured Orokin Kubrow's to your side that scale with the enemies you're fighting against

- Huras with Hunt

- Raksa with Protect

- Sunika with Savagery

> Kubrows have 150 base armour instead of 50

Cost: 200

there can only be one instance of this ability at a time - 3 kubrows - cannot summon any more until all 3 are dead

- kubrows can be healed like a normal kubrow

an image for you of what said kubrows would look like summoned from the void:

all white fur with Targis style armour

thanks for reading :)


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Sounds pretty OP, IMHO.

All these energy regen stuff, why using energy siphon and rejuvenation?

It is a nice idea, but kind of too heavy over powered. Very low energy usage for each skill. None is going for 25, 50 and 75, and the kubrow one is missing, but I assume it won't be 100 energy as stock value alike?

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Edited: Hunter's call energy

The reason by I'm missing Sahasa is because it digs up energy / this making the energy consumption even less

This frame is suppose to be squishy - very very low health

Energized Core only effects allies, not yourself

The Kubrow's are to mitigate the lack of damage output you have as a frame - you can spam low damage missiles of /1 all you want but it ain't gonna do much

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