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I Guess There Is No Point



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update in <6 hours, maybe wait unless you have alot of time to play before the update, and not after

Pretty sure it's 9am EDT, which is 11pm PST over here, and it's 12am right now, so probably not for another 10 hours or so.

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Def wait. Rank up any low level frames if not sure what to do. Who knows what will happen....if you must forma something weapons are fine...not sure about kubrow/sentinel's as they use unique ability mods. Pretty sure its just warframe ability mods getting taken out...and  off drop tables. (at last)

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DE has stated that they will be removing the top left and top right slots. If you forma any other slot it will stay the polarity that you set it to (including the other 2 ability slots).

Source on that? Rebecca said pretty clearly that they have a script to specifically target the ability polarity slots first, so unless you have 3/4 abilities formad you have nothing to worry about. The rest presumably will just be rejumbled to match the layout but will keep polarities and mods installed.


You can now see this info in the announcement post too, it got updated.



As far as polarizing now, it should be safe to do but personally I would hold off on it anyway OP.

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