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Can Barely Here The Voice On My Controller's : (


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I have turned the controller Volume all the way up in the game, i have turned the volume all the way up in my ps4 settings and i have to hold the controller up to my ear to hear the voice come out of it. 


even if i turn all the other sounds all the way off the voice in my controller is so faint i have to hold it up to my ear to hear it 


i have 3 Ps4 controllers so i know it is not my Controller that is the issue 


this was one of the little things i really liked about this game, i started playing again today ( wow some huge changes to the game i see ) and i tried everything to increase the controller sound to be able to hear it . 


anyone else have this issue ? should i uninstall and re-install the entire game maybe ? 

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Hi, have you tried comparing the sound performance with another game, say shadow fall or mgs or others. (Just a suggestion to narrow the problem to determine wheter its a hardware problem or the game's)

As for warframe itself since u.13 I already notice that the transmission via ds 4 speakers is indeed rather dull, so I ended up disabled it. So for.warframe I prefer the sound comes from the tv than ds4.

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