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Bleed Procs Are Fine


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Tried it out against level 35 grineer


I took 2/5/7 tick damage procs against lvl 35 grineer with ember while actually trying to be procced


The one time deadly damage occured as when i walked right up to a shotguneer and let him unload a few rounds in the face


And that did 34 tick procs but was mostly my fault for letting it shoot me in the face (point blank) 3 times


Though with 700 HP on a soft frame the damage ticks werent exactly an issue then either

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Lancer bleed is fine. Ballista / Seeker bleed is where I have issues. I've seen myself lose 50 hp per tick while farming T4 keys in Ceres.

Bleed damage would be a non issue to me if bleeds could only proc if shields went below 75%, with an increasing proc rate the lower my shields go.


To be fair though, lifestrike has made this less of a complaint of mine.

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