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Next Prime =D


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Definitely won't be ash,  DE has followed a pattern with Primes Male, Male, Female, Female, Male, Male, Female.  So the next will be another female frame, most likely trinity, with a small change of saryn.  After that, we will probably get Volt and Ash, and I would guess Volt first as it is the only of the original frames that does not yet have a prime.

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What new prime stuff would you like ?

Personally I'd like a : -Ash prime

- Attica prime

Let me know what would you like ! :)

for all of you saying sorry to tell you but it will be __. look at what he wrote. "What new prime stuff would you like ?" not what is next what you would like

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It's already known that the next prime will be sarynn or trinity.

Sorry to disappoint you :p


It's Trinity. They're releasing them in roughly the same order as the released the original frames. With this in mind, and their male-male-female-female pattern, it's Trinity. Saryn won't be until after Ash and Volt.


Well I just want to see SOMA PRIME and NEKROS PRIME since we probably wont have a VALKYR PRIME

I am so sick of hearing 'Oh noes, no Valkyr Prime!', DE explicitly said there was nothing stopping them from making Primes of ALL THE FRAMES. Primes are defined as weapons with Orokin Technology integrated. This means we could have Zephyr prime in time.


Also, NO to Soma Prime. Fragor Prime seems more likely, with Aklex Prime. I wonder how they'll improve Fragor, considering how butt-ugly it is right now...

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