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New Weapon: Going Back To Ut


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UT players! Remember this one?




DE, please revive this weapon on Warframe! Make the left click shoot a straight, instant travel beam and have the right click shoot slow travel plasma spheres. Shoot one of the plasma spheres with the left click to start a devastating combo!


Suggested name: Lampas? Anagram for plasma


Suggested ammo consumption: Left click:1

                                                   Right click: 3

Suggested damage: Left click does 3 times the damage of a plasma sphere, but exploding plasma spheres does 3 times as much damage as the left click. If a plasma sphere is detonated, it does area of effect damage with increased status chance and also chain detonates nearby plasma spheres.

Plain left clicks will have precise shooting but will only be able to hit one target at a time (unless having punch through installed)


We need weapons to be on par with the boltor prime, but we also could use weapons that require some higher user dexterity to take the most of their potential. This one would be a perfect candidate!

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