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[U15] Launcher Unresponsive


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This is happening each time to me when I try to play now.


I am playing on steam in windows 7


I've tried verifying game integrity in steam, first time, it apparently downloaded 5 gb, basically the entire game again.


Still didnt work


I checked it again, downloaded a few more files, still same problem


uninstalled the game, reinstalled, same thing still


I have also deleted cookies, cache, etc... and all that as well.



Yes the executable is in the install folder in the same spot it always has been.

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Check the file integrity in the launcher itself and run the "Optimize" tool as well.


Also, check your game directory, whether you can find a warframe.exe file in there.

In directory Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe you should have Warframe.exe and Warframe.x64.exe


And never check files via Steam. Valve has incredibly outtaded, probably never updated files. Always check them via game launcher.

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Somewhat obvious from the title, but as soon as I start the launcher to update to Update 15, it gets stuck in "Checking for updates..." and nothing will happen.


It happens everytime theres an update on my side, probably coz of server load

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At first the update went fine, but at the last bit, it said "update failed" and " fail to download files from the server"

After that it just stuck at "Checking for updates" and not working at all...


HELP dear DE

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I had this problem as well. I did a download cache verify which appeared to come back good. I did a complete restart of my PC. After the 5 crash and getting the crash utility, I looked at the graphic settings. Both Direct X 10 and 11 were selected.  I have another PC which was not having this problem and running U15 Warframe fine without Direct X 10 or 11 checked.


So I unchecked them and its been so far so good.


Update - Game now crashes during the first Archwing quest tower.

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U15 and game updated. Clicked Play and waited, waited and waited till I was forced to close it. Rinse, repeat. Nothing.


More than a Dozen tries now. During the 4th try, i waited for full 20 mins. Nothing.


Please Fix the Launcher. You know how hype your community is. Lotus please, we wub you.

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Happened to me too. My warframe recently bugged of the missing executable file because of my antivirus, and recovered. But when I start the launcher, in this update 15, the launcher starts normally, but then it gets unresponsive. What should I do? I have windows 8.1

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