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Archwing Issues


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Just for the notes:

The initial Archwing parts extraction mission worked well yet when I returned to the Lisette the parts were available in the foundry but the quest did not progress.

Reboot. Still Nothing.

Reboot. Ordis acknowledges Archwing parts.

Rush parts and build then claim.

Quest does not advance and Archwing was invisible when attempting to view it in the Arsenal.

Reboot. No change.

Did the Extraction mission for parts again. Ordis Acknowledges parts. Built another wing set in the foundry.

Quest advances to the Balor Formorian stage. Woot!

Attempted that stage twice unsuccessfully. Killed all enemies both times as well as destroying all the net generators. yet at the end there was a yellow marker with nothing near it and another that kept shifting off in the "void" (sarcastic) somewhere. Flew around (Awesome!) for a while until the server said "No" and the mission failed. Same deal both times.


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My current issue is that i cant actually do the first archwing mission (not quest, I've finished the that), its a grineer exterminate on the first planet. yet as soon as i fly my archwing over to where the enemys are, ordis and lotus tell me that I'm leaving the mission area, then it gives me a mission failure. so theres no chance that i can complete it since i cant reach the targets

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