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After Months - Still No Dojo Spawn Room Options


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When are you guys going to get on this?  You broke this feature like 2 updates ago now.  No spawn room option makes remodeling troublesome. 

also when is the Trophy Room actually going to work properly to the point where we can change the inner statue? I thought that was half the hype behind the room.

The most recent gardens added - in particular the big room with red leaves on the ground - you can hardly place decorations everywhere because there isn't enough flat spaces on the terrain, making the room near useless unless you use the smallest size possible on decorations - This included trees - which given the specified garden it utterly ridiculous.  Should be able to put trees in regardless of the flatness of the terrain.  

Just wondering when yous will get to these things because the Dojo was my longest investment as a player and I feel it got shafted after you guys broke it with that update... which was U13 - sad considering U15 is soon and nothing has been fixed in between that time.

Even worse is that this is like the 10th time over time I've made this exact thread (and a few times been told it was fixed, or would be fixed).

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