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Can't Connect To The Game Server


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Login Failed. Could not connect to server.



That's the error I get when I try to log in after this update. The update downloaded fine at 1mbps but I can't play.

I've checked my internet connection, my router, all the cables, even played a few other games as tests and the only thing I can't connect to is Warframe. Even the site was slow when I tried to open it.
I am Aussie and as such expect lag and disconnects in online play but I've never not been able to log in due to a connection timeout. Maybe it's just that everyone is excited for Archwing and all the forum lurkers have finally come out to play the new update. Or maybe my connection is just bad for some reason.

It only just started happening and I will check again tomorrow but I thought I would say something in case this is a bigger issue.


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