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Ability Slot Removal Script Screwed All 1 My Forma Wfs, 2+ Forma Wfs Just Fine


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According to all of the information released before the patch, every one of my warframes were safe from being de-forma'd. None of my builds had more than 2 ability slots forma'd away. Yet here we are today and every one of my 1 forma warframes (not counting formaing aura slots) has been de-forma'd, the 2 and 3 forma warframes with the exact same ability slot forma'd plus one more are somehow fine though.



1 Forma

(D) (V) ( ) ( ) (=)

(=) (D) ( ) ( ) (=)


(V) ( ) ( ) ( )

(D) ( ) ( ) ( )


2+ Forma

(V) (V) (-) ( ) (=)

(D) (D) ( ) ( ) (=)


(V) (V) (-) ( )

(D) (D) ( ) ( )


I never did any swapping around of slots in any of these cases.


Also my 1 forma Mag Prime lost the V polarity THAT CAME WITH THE FRAME when I built it instead of the D polarity I added with forma.


I got exactly 12 forma back, I wouldn't have to complain about this if they were legendary forma/polarity change tokens/whatever they're called, but 12 forma is a whole lot of grinding. Is there any way this can be fixed or am I screwed?



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