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Archwing Skills Did Not Come After Building, And Jogging In Space :d (Archwing Deploys But I Literally Run Around)


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Archwing becomes Archnyx Prime :





No skills :




Lastly, but most importantly, jogging in space :





More information :

After building Archwing, I did not receive the four skills.


After deploying Archwing in the mission, I start running around. I can slide, but not jump, use my abilities, and my warframe weapons.


EDIT: Yup, still not working. Although I have a fully built Archwing, the game does not register this, and directs me to excavate Archwing parts on Venus.

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Forgot to mention that Archwing literally just doesn't exist in my game.
I can't preview it, and in the arsenal I'm just sort of hovering.

Also, when the deployment video plays, the archwing is also not visible at all.


I have not seen the archwing even once. I've only seen it on the blueprint pictures.

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