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Planetary Effects, Conditional Passives


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First of all thanks for U15! Sure you guys worked unimaginably hard on it! Thanks for providing this awesome game!


It is obvious that warframe has a bright and long future ahead, so here's my input and suggestions that hopefully may spark some discussions!


I basically have 2 main ideas,


1) Planetary Effects


Well, basically inspired by this scene


We all know the planets of our solar system has some crazy conditions beyond imagination, 


These could go very well in level designs of missions on different planets.


Here are some more concrete examples,

Note that these effects should happen once in a while and automatically disappears after a while

They would work great with day / night cycles


a) Wind storms (e.g. Gas city tileset)

Every now and then, the gas city will be caught in one of Jupiter's many monstrous hurricanes, players outside of the building will be blown and automatically drift to one direction when standing still, jumping will cause the player to accelerate quickly in the direction of the wind, movement speed is greatly reduced when moving against the wind


b) Hot Days (e.g. Arid tileset)

When the time reaches high noon, the sun heats up anything under direct sunlight to burning temperatures, players (and maybe enemies) caught under direct sunlight will immediately burst into flames and take damage slowly. (Think mirage's eclipse)


c) Cold Night (e.g. Ice planet tileset)

At night, areas illuminated by reflections from the moon (or some other illumination) still remain survivably warm, players in the shadows will take freeze damage (and possibly slowly freeze over for a certain duration if they don't leave the shadows quick enough)


d) Electromagnetic Storms

Occasionally, the level will be swept with intense electromagnetic storms.  Electronic equipment e.g. laser trap doors, control consoles, turrets, etc. will become highly electrical, zapping anything nearby 


e) Earthquakes

Level shakes, player movement is greatly reduced, duh...


f) Gravity shift (NOT reduced gravity)

Probably harder to implement but would definitely be pretty cool,

Shift in density of the planet's core causes the gravity of the level to change (think the famous Inception scene)



Now onto my second idea...


2) Conditional Passives

I was originally thinking about passive abilities unique to each frame, but that seemed boring, you'd equip the passive and forget it forever... So I came up with this special kind of passive that only triggers when specific conditions are met, this would encourage players to take actions to fulfill the conditions and add more dynamic to the gameplay.



Here are some ideas... (Note that balancing issues should be solvable by manipulating the numbers, since all these passives should be quantitative, not qualitative)


a) Ember passive

When Ember is standing on fire, aside from bursting into flames and taking damage, her abilities receive a damage buff


b) Excalibur passive

When Excalibur enters stance mode (i.e. holding melee weapons), he gains a speed boost


c) Ash passive

When the level is on low alert, his abilities gain extra range


d) Volt passive

When passing through arc traps and laser doors, aside from the damage and electric proc, he gains small amount of energy (this passive should have a cooldown to prevent spamming)


e) Frost passive

When standing on ice, he gains extra shield


f) Saryn passive

When being inflicted poison proc, weapons do additional poison damage



Well, thanks for reading this long post~  Hope this post gets at least some attention =P




PS::: Please comment on the overall concept, don't waste time criticizing how poorly thought up my examples are lol

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Seems pretty cool, actually. I'm not so sure about the Warframe passives, but I can see the planetary environmental effects working and adding some much needed variety :) They'd have to be somewhat predictable (i.e. such or such environmental effect only happens on such or such planet), as I already have issues with the whole "damaged cryo-systems/shields halved" concept.

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