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Closing E.g. The Star Map Does Not Work


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Hello guys,


since the new update came out (I installed this update today on the 24.10.2014. In the settings of the launcher it says 2014. under version at launcher and at engine. In the login screen of the game it says ARCHWING.) I have problems closing systems (for example the star map or the arsenal) in the private spaceship.

Starting and loging in into the game as well as moving around with my character in the private spaceship works. When I open a system (Until now I only noticed this issue at the star map and at the arsenal.) it sometimes happens that I can't close it anymore. When I click on the close button in the down right corner or hit the ESC key nothing but the short click-sound of the game happens. After trying to close the system, the specific system does not react anymore. So for example when I tried to close the star map, I can't select a planet and also can't move the star map anymore.

Sometimes the game goes on and closes the specific system after some waiting time.

Unfortunately I need to say "sometimes" so often cause I don't know exactly when and where it happens.

When: I noticed that it happens when you are in a system for a longer time. Like in the arsenal when you are integrating new mods or design your warframe.

Where: Until now it appeared at the star map and at the arsenal.


I don't know if the following information helps but I noticed when the above described issue occurs in the star map, and I click on the menu button in the very top left corner beside my profile picture (This menu includes the game options.), I see the menu but with the names of the planets in the foreground but I can still navigate through the menu. When I then close this menu again, my warframe stands in the middle of the planets of the star map. Usually the warframe is kneeling.


I took screenshots of the "not closing" star map and of the menu with the planet names but I don't know how to upload it here.


The only way how to get out of this issue is to end the whole game and to restart it.


Please fix this issue cause it is kinda of annoying when you need to restart the whole game so often.


Best regards.

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