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I Like The Grustrag Bolt


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So I was annoyed b/c I caught a Bolt yesterday. I was doubly annoyed that some idiot was saying "Damn I was leveling my Frame!" Buddy. We're on...

1. Pluto

2. Extermination

Why are you leveling a frame with only ~100 enemies to kill... and they're high level.

I was triply annoyed at dummies who were saying it's my fault. For being attacked by 3 lvl 45 characters and trying to win? If I had made a quick exit, would it have been my fault for not trying too? And if it takes me too long to get re-marked, is it my fault for taking too long to get re-marked? Remarkable. I'm more psychic than Nyx, b/c I control everything!!! Loonies.


Anyways, I like the Bolt. Looks cool. I'll keep it. I've even recolored my Mirage especially to match the Bolt's colors.





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Hey where are the players who like to whine about how the game is too easy, while gloating hard against players who lose? You guys all break your fingers at once? I know you're out there!

You should shoot enemies. It's just a trigger pull away.


I guess.


I just run past them, to be honest.


Maybe I should shoot enemies?


And then Voidcrash was the enemies.

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