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[U15] Endless Blackscreen On Start-Up


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After update 15 my Warframe blackscreens on start-up as it normally does before loading the login screen; however, it never loads the login screen nor does it play the login music. It simply stays on blackscreen for an eternity accomplishing nothing but still using a fair amount of the cpu. When I tab out, the screen occasionally goes all-white instead with only the taskbar being visable at the bottom as well as some windows displaying and interacting properly (such as task manager). I've restarted my computer since downloading the update, but the problem persists.


Also, in updates before this (starting around September 27th) I was having issues with video card driver crashes. Prior to the small updates following the nyx prime patch, I never had video card crashes on this computer. I have waited until now to post about it because I really didn't have a clue what was causing it. When the driver crashes started happening, I did everything I could think of: updated drivers, cleaned computer, optimized Warframe files in launcher settings, defragged, scanned/cleaned computer, dusted fan, etcetc. Nothing worked.


Before the video card driver crashes, my game freezes on one frame for a few seconds, and, then, shows only the desktop view while the game continues to run without any picture. It happens most often in the void tileset, though I have had crashes on some of the other graphic-intense tilesets such as ceres shipyards and earth forests. Occasionally, the video card driver crashes in the void when I'm not even doing anything taxing (like turning the mouse really fast, coptering across entire rooms, looking at Vor's energy connector). I'll just be walking casually across a room and the screen freezes and I proceed to rip all of my hair out.


Here are my system specs:


Processor: AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M500 2.20GHz


Video: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit


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its amazing how much money i put into the game when it was 1st made and the fact that i cant even play the game now with a way better cpu rig is extremely sad iv got a 3k cpu build up i can run all the bench mark games and full but yet cant open this game up any more due to black screen never had this problem b4. please fix this issue for the gaming community.

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