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Black Screen And Auto Forward Walking


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Was playing a T1 survival mission by myself with my nerkos and at about 20 mins in my screen went black for a sec with a few little graphical glitches (couldn't make them out was only for a second). Then game came back and I was stuck in auto walking forward. Pressing back stopped me from going forward, but I could no long walk backwards.


If this helps I use modified key bindings and have played with em for well over a year now. My keys are (don't laugh at my set up)...


Movement = arrow keys.

Jump = num 1

Reload = num 0

Use power selected = num 2 (think this is what I pressed when screen went black as I was desecrating a lot)

Enter = interact

Melee = num 4

Sprint = right shift

Crouch = right ctrl


Not sure if that makes any difference when finding this bug (doubt it), but thats my key binding. This bug scared me cause I thought maybe my card was finally dying. However, that doesn't explain why I was stuck in auto walk forward mode.


Thanks for reading.

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