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Directional Air Melee Idea + Pommel Strike


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I really love the new feature of air melee, however it is very lacking and serves hardly no purpose save for eliminating air unites and reaching far spaces (which are still good!). As I played a little with this new function I had a notion of an additional features that could add a whole new concept to melee combat. From the Galatine animation which shares a fine similarity to uppercut I thought:


Uppercuts! Pressing space + melee key would launch a target into the air WHEREBY we could use our new addition of air melee. Even better, having certain weapons such as hammers which instead of a slash offer a charged slam (not a proposal, current content) would result in smashing the target forcefully to the ground or (if killed, maybe) have them explode.


I don't know anything of programming but this does not seem too far fetched. What I can think about is a slight animation edit to create an uppercut motion and a new function that launches enemies off the ground. The technical coordination I'll leave to the devs but those are the main two concerns, I believe.


Another idea: Pommel strikes. Adding the manuever of pommeling the weapon's grip (aka pommel P_P) into the enemy, causing a short stun. You could as well offer a bonus from executing certain actions when a target is stunned. 


Why I think these ideas are not out of the blue is due to the nature of the counter attack - a completely unncessary addition to the game and for all that exists... which is AMAZING! I absolutely love the counter attack. So more depth it adds to the melee system. Let's face it though, nobody needs it really, and would be better off merely using a stance combo instead. 

By no means do I implicate the discarding of the counter attack, in case you think so. I guess in the future certain bosses could be manipulated by being counter-attacked.



Sidenote: I think it would be a good idea to offer players the option of binding new keys or switch modes for the air slash (maybe space = ground slam while E = slash).


Sidenote: Air slashes with two handed axes (I tried Galatine) are glitched to make no damage and are lacking a slash sound effect, just mentioning....

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