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Some Quick And Dirty Feedback On U15


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1st thing, congrats on the successful launch window =]


mid-air melee - LUV this, have had no problems so far, if nothing else, this has brought a smile to my face, "The Sword Alone" may finally be possible =]


arc-traps - read the changes, still didn't see anything about them not being affected by AOE dmg, not happy about that, but still, the changes to them seemed fine if IMHO unnecessary


grineer atk dogs/trainer - LUV em, just fought some on a NM rescue alert with the no shields mutator, needless to say, every team i joined got wiped, but im not hatin (i was running a rank5 newly forma excal), one thing tho, the trainer holds the throwing mace in the wrong hand it seems


Lynx - reminds me of the old Hyena fights, kinda think the Lynx should at least have some kind of weapons besides just spawning the turrets/ospreys, but still, decent =]


kinda confused on the orokin void sabotage 'key' idea, the original keys make sense, the tenno use the keys to get into the void, but the sabotage setup makes it seem like you could just use the bad guy's portal, why use a key? and why is there a portal room to the void using a grineer torsion device underneath a wrecked corpus ship on a frozen planet? still scratching my head here


still playing with the excal changes, not sure if radial blind needs a re-buff or not yet, ill hold off until i finish ranking him back up to 30 (i was getting inconsistencies on duration as well)


would be nice if we could make sigils a bit smaller, if u wanted to make them more of an upper-left/right chest 'badge' kind of thing


new worldstats tab is very useful from the navigation station, although the ring of spheres is still a really crappy way to represent the solar system and the void/derelicts =[


all in all, gonna take awhile to check out all the new stuff, but looking good so far


also good job on the extra life partnership =]

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