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U15 Event/tactical Alert.


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So, U15,new gamemodes,new frame, weapons, archwing, and a new event right ?

If yes...atleast give us good rewards


Some fine rewards ;


Badge is fine until its cool like quantum one from Tetra doom.

Mods are fine untile they are good.

Wraith weapons or weapons in general are fine, until there is a reason to use them......not like Sheev.

Affinity boosters are fine..kind of..

Catalyst or Reactor are always AWESOME



Some bad rewards ;

Forma bp's, and even if youre new, you don't them from events

Syndana..............meh........but especially if they have colors like the one from Rescue 2.0......

Useless weapons like sheev or useless mods



Thats atleast my opinion....




Dear DE, Give us a new boss, who perhaps appears in Archwing missions, who drops another set of elemtal/status mods


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