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Warframes Neck Bugs Out!


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all i basically done was going into options and chance a couple settings in gameplay as well as 1 on video witch was changing texture memory


:EDIT: i thought this was due to the options thing but apparently its not. yet again i just recreated this bug with oberon

Head perfectly straight... But!


when you turn his head. his head is in a idle / motionless state


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Actually, I ran into this too.  When turning your WF's heads left/right and only a portion of the head (in frost's case) or just the neck (saw it on my Mirage) move in the desired direction.  This sometimes occurs but other times, I didn't see the same issue.  (I tried going to clan dojo and back to see if it re-appeared, but no dice.)

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This bug happened to me after I exited my profile and was looking at the UI Menu. I was accustomed to seeing my Warframe's head moving to follow my mouse, but when I moved it; only the neck seemed to follow it... xD


This probably needs looked at further by the team at DE, but it seems to happen during menu/UI transitions, at least for me.


Hope this helps getting it fixed.

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Happened to me as well while on the Liset after I had completed the Excavation mission of Cambria on Earth (during which there was a host migration). Going to the fountry I found out the head moved fine there and after exiting the foundry, so there's an easy fix.


Edit: I was using the Rhino Warframe.

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Happened to me with Oberon most. The neck seems to seriously mess up when in the ship, or in missions. I noticed it in the archwing excavation most. It seems to be recreated when a lot of animations happen in quick succession, such as sliding, then jumping from the sliding animation, into a running animation, and back to sliding, rinse repeat. I noticed it would break after doing things like that. 

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Noticed it too. It seems to be several glitches.


1. sometimes the neck textures twist around as though the head is turning even tho you are looking straight ahead

2. sometimes its the head that turns to look at a fixed point in space and stays looking in that direction regardless of body orientation


It feels like head animations while standing still are broken and just randomly freeze. Before the update, the head would animate in two ways:

1. Looking around according to the idle animation

2. Looking around according to camera movement input by the player


Now the head just freezes in a random direction and the neck animates without it.


I've seen this happen a lot in our Clan Dojo.

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