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My Feedback On Archwing.


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Okay, so I got to play the archwing missions, and they're all really cool. I enjoy how the archwing handles and I think I've got the movement down, it was pretty easy to learn. All the archwing missions are exciting and very much different.

However, my only complaints are that the AI will sometimes get stuck (or spawn?) in asteroids/other areas. I was playing an interception mission and I almost could not complete the mission due to several enemies stuck in the level geometry, luckily splash damage helped me kill them.


For the love of god, please implement a 3D radar (a la space sim). I know Warframe is inherently a "groundpounder" but if you're going to extend the gameplay into space, you need a 3D radar. It's a struggle and very disorienting trying to figure out exactly where your enemies are and where they're firing from. It would also be helpful to have for locating level objectives. You have the Diegetic UI in place already, so that's a start.


I'll start by saying that I'm really used to grinding for mods, I do it all the time and I've played countless and countless survival missions to farm for mods, however the archwing mods spawn WAYYY too infrequently. I've played around 7-10 archwing missions so far and I've had a couple mods spawn after killing enemies, only to find they are fusion cores when I picked them up. I have honestly never been so disappointed to see a fusion core. As of writing this, I've only found 1 actual archwing mod..


Otherwise, the update functions pretty well from what I can tell and I'm having a lot of fun so far! Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, I'll definitely agree on a 3D radar, or some kind of 'space orientation' system. And yeah, I've also had where enemies have spawned inside obstacles; thankfully just at the edge and my melee attacks just barely clipped and killed them.

So far, I've only gotten the melee crit mod for Archwing, but I haven't had the chance to play much of it just yet, so I'm hopeful.
The annoying thing that I can see is we'll have to get the equivalent of 'space serration' again; hopefully it's not something dumb like a rare or something, given how critical it is to ANY build ever.


(Actually, I made a thread in the UI section about the 'orientation': https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/330565-archwing-suggestion-off-screen-target-indicator/ ...I was afraid I was the only one who thought it was an issue; glad to see I'm not crazy XD)

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