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New Mutalist Cuanta


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Bit of a zany color scheme, but it's still pretty awesome looking nonetheless.


Just wish it compared to it's uninfested counterpart better, I wanted to love both but the standard Quanta is just waaaay more efficient. Kinda hope they give it a bit of a buff in addition to the new model.

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omg and i was just about to sell it yesterday. thanks for the info!



Also it may only be a model update, i hope its getting a nice buff.


That. Is. AWESOME!!!


Thanks for sharing, I'd never have noticed lol.


Oh and unless you're asking how much a mutalist costs in spanish, it's spelled Quanta :P

Im spanish, bad english :D

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Actually the regular Mutualist Quanta seems to exist as well, both appear in my Codex.


I think this is an accidental sneak peak of an Arcwing version, seeing as it was in the background of the PBR & Archwing preview stream.

The items previewed there weren't all Archwing specific though.

We will see.

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please DE let us revel in this skin in game, its looking great in the codex nice work !


improvement to the secondary fire mechanic is really needed, esp the ammo / split chamber issue

after sinking 4 forma into her id really feel it needs more damage (or a better way to get more damage from the infested orbs) 


if this is accidentally for archwing then that is a massive disappointment 

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