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I'm surprised he's not doing a helicopter.


(inb4 banned)



On topic:


So far I only bought Ember Noble. Couldn't stand the anims on Nyx, had to replace them.



Ember noble is what Booby Lady deserves


Yeah.  Agreed.  The original animations on Nyx aren't all that great and sort of awkward.  Although the cost is quite high, I'm happy they put this function in the game.

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Moved to a more appropriate section.

This seems like General Discussion to me. Why does it seem the moderators are doing things just to feel important. I am constantly seeing topics that are legitimate game related general discussion be movies to off-topic or other inappropriate topic. I wish there was a way to report moderators who constantly unnecessarily do things repeatedly.


This is a GENERAL DISCUSSION. It is a current discussion on a new feature of the game. This is really getting pathetic and making it hard to find and follow the topics I want when these so called Community Moderators are scattering all topics throughout the forums. What is General Discussion for if its not for general discussion?

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This doesn't looks like "General Discussion" to me.

I mean, being game related doesn't mean it's automatically "GD", though it's a little complex to understand that special topic explaining this on GD.

What I observe is that 'funny topics' usually go to the Off Topic or other areas. This one is sharing sreeenshot experiences with many animations, therefore it looks like it belongs to this place: "Fan Zone"(?).


"Fan Zone is the place for fan fiction, fan-sponsored contests, screenshots to share your achievements and Warframe-related video streams/Youtube channels."


Still, it's not very clear (screenshots of achievements -only-?), though I think it's ok if the topic is moved and no warns are given because of this.

I say that it's not clear because if you ask me "How could we make this topic worth to be in the GD then?" I have no idea :/. Everything I think related to the animations would end up here or on Feedback/Bug sections.

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