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Vortex (?) Causing Repeated Crashes In Dark Sector Defense


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I just crashed twice in the last ten minutes, both times under the same circumstances.  I believe that others are having the same issue, as there have been a couple of oddball host migrations while I was playing.


I had just finished off a wave at Seimeni while soloing with Vauban.  After running to grab the items in my still-running Vortex, the game crashed.  I submitted the report, but it didn't go through.


After logging back in, I decided to try again--this time at Sechura.  At the end of the first round, someone ran into the Vortex to grab the items--"host migration in progress," he/she disconnected.  At the end of the first round, I ran in to grab the items, and I crashed yet again.  This time the report went through, but it was thin on detail b/c I figured it wasn't going to get through again.


I had Miter and a Dark Dagger equipped, with Brakk as my off-hand.  In the second (Sechura) mission, there were two Limbos with us, and a Loki Prime.  I also had my Kubrow (Huras) with me.


In both instances I had some Tesla balls going.


Not sure if DE meant for Vortex to transport players back into the Real World, but if they did they forgot to mention it in the release notes.


**if this isn't the right forum, please feel free to move it.  I can't pinpoint whether it's the ability that's causing the issues or Dark Sector Defense missions, or something else. 


**edit:  I just crashed a third time, after update 15.0.1.  This time I was hosting, with three other players in a PUG.  I was able to pick up the items from the Vortex and start climbing a pillar (at Sechura) when it crashed at the end of the second round.


The first round went well.  The only difference between the first and the second rounds was that I was using Tesla to get a little more damage in there.  Maybe it was the others plowing through the items, or maybe it was the Tesla balls...I don't know. 

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