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Archwing Boundries. Go To Far, I Apparently Want To Abort.



I was going to stick this into feedback, but I wanted to see if I was missing something first. Too often than not I apparently choose to abort because I go too far off the map. Problem is that I have little to no indication of where the boundry is. I'll be in the middle of the fight and, all the sudden, abort mission. It has to be the dumbest thing I've seen, something that can be fixed with what all flying games do; do a u-turn back to the main map.


But, what I have to ask is this: has anyone found out how far you can go out before you abort? I made the asteroids my boundry, but I found myself aborting even then.

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Nope, you aren't missing anything. Just the way it works. Unfortunately there is no line or barrier that you can see so you know when you're going too far. 

That needs to change then. 3/4 missions I do I end up aborting accidentally because I cross an invisible line.

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Same here, its bloody annoying, especially on Interception missions (on Earth, you cant go from C to A w/o failing)


Edit: it seems to only affect Grineer Missions (since Corpus is always in-ship)

(we were 300 meters from enemies, fighting them and it logged as a desertion)

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