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Hotfix 15.0.1


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Hotfix 15.0.1




  • Optimized server queries to deal with popularity.
  • Camera zoom will now only occur when player is viewing sigils for optimal viewing pleasure.
  • Changed the description of the Limbo Theorem quest to better indicate that Archwings are required to complete.




  • Fixed several common and rampant gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in Orokin Sabotage missions due to a missing Miniboss
  • Fixed an issue with Limbo Profile Avatar pack’s not pointing to the correct icons.
  • Fixed an issue with Limbo’s animation sets both being labelled “AGILE”.
  • Fixed issue with the Atterax whip not extending.
  • Fixed an issue with Corpus Archwing enemies not attacking when you’re in point blank range.
  • Fixed infested decorations appearing for no reason on Corpus Ice Planet room.
  • Fixed several broken Archwing quest states that would prevent players from advancing.
  • Fixed an issue where player would respawn outside the level after revive in trench-run if you died close to the ceiling.
  • Fixed rounding errors causing some weapons to show at rank 29 in the codex.
  • Fixed an issue with Mastery Rank showing as ‘0’ in player Profiles.
  • Fixed materials on Grineer caches
  • Fixed an issue with the Codex showing unreleased weapons.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Banish becoming stuck as ‘Power in use”: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/328908-power-in-use-stuck-while-using-limbo-limbo-hat-animation/
  • Fixed an issue with the Opticor’s sound being heard by entire squad as if they were using it.
  • Fixed the wrong mission reward being given for the main objective for Orokin Void Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed issued with the scale and position of Syandanas on Limbo.
  • Fixed an issue with early extractions from Archwing missions not showing proper mission result loadout information.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing other player’s profile would hang game.
  • Fixed the World State panel becoming unresponsive after selecting an invasion for a locked planet
  • Fixed an issue with level doors not being properly replicated to Client/Host in Archwing Trench Run missions.
  • Fixed subtitle on Ordis inbox message for Limbo Quest.
  • Fixed an issue with players who don’t have Archwings being able to join the last part of the Archwing quest.
  • Fixed Cipher minigames not working with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with Volt's Overload not showing up on the Abilities screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicate Sacrifice being deducted more than one time in the same Rank.
  • Fixed for Grineer bobblehead having missing head during placement mode.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in Orokin Sabotage missions due to a missing Miniboss.
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly scaling Syandanas down on Banshee, Nova and Valkyr by 20%. This should address some physics issues with Syandanas on these Warframes too.
  • Fixed an issue with casting Warframe abilities on a controller not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with 'Corvette' Corpus Enemy damage output being significantly larger than the rest of the enemies.
  • Fixed a case where the player last targeted by a beam would get an initial hit when the beam fires at the next target (if they don't move).
  • Fixed issues with Limbo's ability sounds.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s passive low-gravity not working. Not yet fixed.
  • Fixed issue with the Damage Output of Zephyr’s Divebomb
  • Fixed Radial Javelin not attributing kills to the caster as well as resulting in friendly fire.
  • Fixed an issue with Corpus Trench Run Sabotage maps having missing connectors.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing and leaving the ‘mods’ terminal from the Archwing Subsection causes functionality loss.
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Could you please fix the Archwing maps already?

Every time I was following enemy markers I got forced extraction and mission failure. Same thing happened even on Limbo quest Interception when I was heading for the capture targets.

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