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Update Failed But Sign Of Progress?


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Downloading the patch is taking forever due to my internet connection being garbage (5-17ish kb/s ;_;)  yes im still able to join games and play as of last night (no hosting)  just like others i have been getting the "update failed!" error and it says it will restart shortly then start checking for updates.


BUT, every new restart, im pretty sure the launcher is on a diet and saying "i only need 1000mb now!"  then "OH getting a lil slimmer! 995mb's this time!  speeding at the pace of salad in the bowl but no bacon on the plate!"  so, if i let it contiune will it....


Apple: get to 0, install update and let me play (after about 1 full days worth of downloading x_x)


Bacon: get to 0, shurg its arms and not sure of whats it doing (thus needing a complete reinstall, Lotus help me)


Celery: get to 0, give me the ol' slip and start at 1027? mb again. thats not how it works launch, your drunk.


Donuts:  dont bother and find solutions via contacting DE.


which may happen?


also, havent been very good at finding the EE.log and launcher.log files...  (i have it downloaded through steam as i kept having problems downloading it from the website some time ago (year+)



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