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Some Suggestions On Melee And Stance Combos


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Hi there, I would like to ask for future updates to allow us to use any Stance combo at any given time.


I believe that would make the game more dynamic and interesting, and here is why(Considering High Level Enemies):


1 - It would make melee a good part of "Squishy" frames life again:


Melee is a worse option than guns even if you deal the same amount of damage because you risk yourself too much, thus you need bulkier frames to make some use of melee. So now you are with you Nova or Mirage and you just need to reload but there is a though enemy half-dead at your face? Now go and wreck that Sob with Style !


2 - It would make combat more fluid and stances more desirable:


You are tenno! A master of fast paced combat! But you forgot your combos because you grabbed your melee weapon too fast... wait...


But seriously now, it would make melee a more attractive part of weapon main users and add more "feel" to your character customization.


And most gun users will apply melee to finish off the last standing enemies from a large group anyway, now they can make that part more fun by applying combos.


3 - This is more of a suggestion than a why. I believe that melee and gun should complement each other in a game where there are lots of ranged enemies. Guns and Melee are tools meant to be used at proper times, the challenge of the game consists in mastering both and applying them in perfect synchronization.


Thus if every stance combo that is not EEE could have some use besides damage. Knockdown, Bleeding, Stun(severe Pain), that would be applied at the end of your combo. This would allow a more tactical approach on melee and on melee/weapons integration.


One case would be to begin a combo on a handful of mobs and try to finish it on the Though ones, for CC.


Well these are some points i've been thinking of and I believe it wouldn't hurt the game's balance if we could use our combos at any given time for some tactical CC, we would still be risking ouserves in melee but now it's added a bit more fun and customization.


PS: I believe pure melee is a bit impractical and could use some buffs/reworking but this isn't a thread about that, please don't make it so.

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