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15.0.1 And 15.0.2 Did Not Fix Archwing Mission Crashes


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still cant do the first mission for the archwing quest, still crashes every single time ....


until the portal everything is fine, then when you go through the portal like 5-10 seconds later the game crashes


getting real tired of this S#&$



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i want to go to bed but i want to get first archwing part so it can start crafting alraedy..... >,< derp... crashed 3 more times........ Can go through the portal but within 30 seconds if i go through the portal, it crashes. Tried solo, public, nothing helps. Its before i see that boss that drops the key, basically before any enemy at all on the other side.
walk through the ice, want to go up some stairs, boom, crash....

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Just got out of Uranus intercept, for the 3rd day in a row someone in the squad trying to get those wings got either force extracted while being right at a point or the game crashed., heck yesterday in a squad the host crashed 2 times and then I crashed  and then next run someone else crashed, how the heck are we supposed get the wings. Also just to clarify even more it was always the same squad with maybe 1 player difference always clan squads. so please put a hotfix that focuses on the problems and not something we do not really need

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