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Archwing Interception Mission - Forced Extraction



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Just happened again in Saturn Exterminate.


Also, in Jupiter Sabotage, I was able to get outside the skybox.

At first, we played normally until we came to a closed door. We didn't know what to do, so we tested around and noticed that flying a bit into space (like right outside the ship area) results in us leaving the skybox. We did manage to glitch our way to the reactor afterwards, and destroy it.


Archwing should make me feel free, but I feel like the game tries everything imaginable to stop me from doing anything outside the beaten path. Fly outside the ship? There goes the skybox.

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Same problems - waited on the component parts then rushed the final build, completed the final mission and now I keep getting forcefully extracted - They need to put something in the UI that makes it damn clear what direction you are NOT supposed to go.  Perhaps a big RED ARROW that turns with you?  So damn frustrating.  I can't believe this didn't come up during testing...  Such a big let down...

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Seems to be happening everywhere. You fly to the marked objective on the map, or even enemies in line of sight and suddenly the Lotus tells you that you're abandoning the mission, and extracts you. There needs to be more things to navigate by either in the level or in the mini map so as to clearly see the boundaries, if any, and the objectives. Currently the missions are unplayable since you cannot get to enemies without being extracted.


On another note, the loot from destroyed enemies seems to be very difficult to see or track down once it drops. Some kind of a mark for dropped loot might be nice, such as a limited time flare on the  level to mark the area. This would make it easier for players to know where to go in the vast area of the level for the mod or whatever that dropped.

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