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Warframe Hangs Before Loading Screen



Wondering if anyone's experiencing a similar problem,


Just after this last patch, I download the patch, and hit play. I'm then stuck at a black screen, until the "This program has stopped responding" prompt comes up. I do try waiting it out, but after ~15 minutes I'm thinking it's not still loading.


Was not having this issue prior to the patch, only after. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Warframe to no avail.


Running Win7, Radeon gpu.

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I've had so many issues when attempting to play since the update.

Earlier this afternoon, I opened the Warframe launcher and began the update for U15. It took around 45 minutes to complete. The initial splash screen showed up while it loaded me in, but froze up after about 5 minutes, so I forced it to close and re-opened the launcher. I attempted to launch the game again. This time, the loading bar made slightly more progress than the last attempt, but I was still unable to make it to the login screen as I froze up once more, so forced it to close once again.
I re-opened the launcher again and attempted to verify the game cache. The progress bar made it about halfway after 30 minutes before I got an error that Warframe had crashed. The launcher then started to retry verifying the game cache but crashed once again. I attempted this about 6 or 7 times.
After getting nowhere with that, I decided to completely uninstall Warframe and try reinstalling it to see if that would fix the problem. After the reinstallation finished, I attempted to launch Warframe but got a disk error from Steam. I tried this 3 more times but kept getting the same error, so I restarted Steam.
After restarting Steam and attempting to launch Warframe again, Steam began to update Warframe. The update failed several times before eventually finishing 3 hours later. Once again, I waited for the Warframe launcher to update and tried to play the game, only this time the splash screen didn't show up. The screen froze on an outline of the game window before my monitor went black and my computer rebooted out of nowhere. After it eventually came back on, I tried to run Warframe again, but instead of my screen turning black and my computer restarting itself, my monitor turned solid yellow. I was able to Alt+TAB out and force Warframe to close, but I have still not been able to get to the login screen as I keep running into the same problem.
Hopefully someone can bring some light to this issue, because it's incredibly frustrating being completely unable to even open the game.
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