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Rework Air Melee Distances


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I haven't used these new air melees alot, but already I can tell you they're next to useless just because of how short of a distance they move you. I haven't tested all my weapons, but with daggers and machetes, they barely move you 5 feet, and with whips with burning wasp you only get moved about 10. I'm going to test out a few more, but as of the moment, these attacks need a serious distance increase.

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Duel Swords: Swirling Tiger; ~10 feet, Crossing Snakes; ~7 feet

Daggers: Homing Fang; ~5 feet, 

Nikanas: Blind Justice; ~10 feet, Tranquil Cleave; ~5 feet,

Long Swords: Crimson Dervish; ~10 feet, Iron Pheonix; ~10 feet

Tonfas: Gemini Cross; ~10 feet

Whips: Burning Wasp; ~ 10 feet

Polearms: Bleeding Willow; ~15 feet


Seriously, I can go farther with a jumping spin attack for most of these. Also, I'm finding it hard to actually hit my targets with these. I can see my blade pass straight through them, but they don't take any damage. And yeah, I get that they give you a bit more freedom of direction than spin attacks, but still, these need a buff.


I'll keep this table updated.

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