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15.0.1 Crashing Bug


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After update, im getting crash on any mission, in the end of loading, or when animation starts, or when i must start playing. It got like 1-2 lags (like pause-resume-pause-resume) and then totally freeze (pause) game, and crash appear to report a problem. Tried on new Windowses with new drivers (im using the old one for best performances), i have all possible runtime libraries installed (NET, XNA, C++, DX, etc.), tried in solo playing, with totaly off/low settings, also i changed my access point to try on another internet...

I dont know, but this update is fail. 10 slot mods becomes 8, will you give me back my formas? And i didnt pay for this game to become worst.

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I cannot even get Warframe to Launch. All it does is crash when I launch it. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm running through Steam and have a 'decent' PC.


Yes Sarthos this is my same concern. If you can get some of the crash WAR-###'s and post them to the thread below [DE]Drew can find the problem(s) sooner. All will be fixed in due time fellow Tenno :)





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