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Ash Has The Dumbest Idle Animation Ever (Also, Tip On Buying New Idles)


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I snagged Ash's Agile animation because, when holding a Primary, it looks much more aggressive than Banshee's Agile. I like the bounce/sway Ash's animation has, makes Banshee look more spunky.




However, that doesn't show you the whole picture. Once I used it in game, Banshee became the galaxy's biggest rubber necker.








She is constantly and randomly looking to the sides for no reason, sometimes staring for like 10 seconds at a time. Even while sliding or shooting someone directly in front of her, she'll completely turn away from enemies to stare at a coffee stain on the wall, or Casper, or whatever. It's awful, don't waste 50 Platinum on it.


And by the way, drop the price to like 20P, DE. I was going to buy a bunch of stances, but 50P is nonsense.


Equally obnoxious is the way Ash holds dual pistols. He thinks he's some kind of badass cholo gangster ninja, but it just makes him, and you, look like a fool.




Melee animations all appear the same when previewed.


Anyway, my suggestion is before you buy a new animation, make sure preview it both while holding a primary and a secondary. Had I realized how stupid Ash's Agile looks while holding dual pistols I never would have bought it. The wonky rubbernecking in game is just as bad, it seems like a bug.


I don't have Ash so I can't tell you if he looks just as dumb in game, but if so then Ash players have my condolences :(


Make sure to look up videos or ask your friends to show you what to expect from a new idle stance.


To view how your Warframe holds a weapon with the new stance:

•In the Arsenal, hover the mouse over the Primary or Secondary so the Warframe is holding it.

•Now carefully move the mouse away and go into Appearance tab to browse the animations.


Remember, this won't show you all the quirks attached to the new animation.

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The head looking into space is a bug that happens no matter what you do i think. I have used 3 frames with diffrent stances and they all are looking to where i last clicked Esc. It also happens in the Liset or whatever the ship is called. As far as i know it isnt because of the stance you are using.

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