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Found Jesus In One Of My Recent Matches. [Grineer Hacking Minigame Bug]


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How are they from the same match if you have a different primary in the second picture?

The new Grineer dogsitter uses the new tomahawk weapon. 

It disarms whatever it hits.

Picking up someone else's dropped weapon swaps yours for the gun that was on the ground. 

They can pick up the weapon you left behind.

It's only for the match, it isn't permanent.

I'm hoping DE doesn't remove this, as it is pretty fun. 

Hell, I'd like it if DE gave us the option to hit X near teammates to give them a weapon swap prompt. Could be useful if your teammate is out of ammo, and your secondary isn't currently being used.

We already have this new tomahawk thing, and the ability to give our secondary to a hostage, so why not this?


It would add alot of teamwork and immersion, and also even be a way for people to try out weapons.

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