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Reload Button And Action Button Xbox360 Controller


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Having a similar problem...


I use a 360 afterglow controller to play, so after discovering the swap during a mission, I went to swap my controls back to normal. Problem I came to is that left bumper was assigned to roll, right was assigned to power activation, which was messing me up because I usually use left bumper for activation and right for quick melee. I don't use really use roll much at all, but I think I had it set to a thumbstick click or something previously.


So I went to swap them around, but after unassigning the power activation button, it refuses to reassign. I just get an error beep. I tried restarting the game to see if that would fix it, but it didn't really change anything. I can return functionality by using restore defaults and I suppose I can get used to it that way... But it's still a tad annoying that I can't assign things where I like them.


Edit- Just noticed there was a separate thread for this, apologies for invading this one.

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Getting back on topic:

I don't really like it either, but I'm sure I can get used to it pretty easily. It does free up my B button, but there's not much to put there in Reload's place... I set it to Switch Camera Shoulder, which I hardly ever use. Though maybe I'll end up using it more now.

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