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Dark Sector Combat Suggestion


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If this is misplaced I apologize in advance, I'm new to the forums and not sure where a suggestion for future updates would go:

Whenever their is a rail deployed to take over an opposing clans dark sector you can view what each clan is willing to pay you to fight for their side, and the Increased percentage of rewards you would be able to get if you the current sector holder were still in power and not protecting the sector...

So here is the suggestion: How about we be allowed to see what the defending clan was charging for tax on this sector? It seems to me that if you have no alliances or previous history with any clan/guild then you would only fight for the money. I however would like to know which jerk clans are charging 40% tax rate  on the resources/credits and fight against them. Seems to me that this should be one of the main reasons people fight for dark sectors. It's rare that I find other Tenno who like to fight in Dark sectors because taxes are so high that farming their is a waste of time and only fuels the Host clan of that sector.

If we could see the % then we could know who to fight against and clans wouldn't have the gall to put taxes so high.

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